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Dear Oz-tlers
My mother (Stella Lees) and I are writing the Lees & Macintyre Guide to Australian Children's Literature. It is based on the Oxford Companion to Australian Children's Literature which was published 20 years ago and complied by Stella Lees and Pam Macintyre. There is an article about the project in FYI Vol 17, Number 1 Summer 2013 p17 if you want to find out more.
We are on our first edit at the moment after about 15 months of work, and are now starting to think about how we might present it.
I believe it should be accessible as a searchable document/database as that will be most useful for people researching Aus Child's Lit but I don't have the technical skills for this sort of high powered stuff. So I would be very grateful if you could answer me with some suggestions about the following questions.

1.     Do you know of any funding we may be able to get to publish this work online/or as hard copy

2.     Do you think a hard copy version with interactive CD would be useful?

3.     Have you any suggestions or comments to make about this project that would be helpful for us?
Marian and Stella Lees

Marian Lees
Director of Library Melbourne

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