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Hi Everyone
SCIS are running some workshops I know. We will be having a session here for TLs who register on Saturday 11th May. Here is the blurb from the registration form. If you would like me to send it to you, please reply
Cataloguing update

This session provides an overview of developments in the world of cataloguing and educational metadata. 2013 sees the introduction of a new cataloguing standard known as Resource Description and Access (RDA) to replace AACR2. Participants will learn how SCIS plans to implement RDA, as well as considering cataloguing trends in subject access, e-resource formats and linked data. 

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> Hi all, 
> I'd be interested to know what schools are doing too. 
> ALIA are also running some online courses, but they're fully booked too, although the website says that there will be more courses to come: http://www.alia.org.au/training/ 
> Warm regards, 
> Crystal 
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> Hello Netters, just wondering what school libraries are doing about the change over to RDA from the old AACR2? Are you doing anything about it? Not worrying about it? Letting SCIS solve the problems of cataloguing. My Library Tech is unsure how all this will impact on cataloguing. I told her I would see what other schools are doing about it. Thanks for any advice. I know SLAV is running a workshop, but it is fully booked. John
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