[OZTL_NET] Link to Youtube music clips for educational use by students

Kirkwood-Bleys, Inge (DECD) Inge.Kirkwood-Bleys at sa.gov.au
Wed Oct 9 15:02:52 AEDT 2013

Dear Oztlers
Just recently someone put a link to Youtube music videos that could be used by students for educational purposes. I was sure I had bookmarked it but can no longer find the link. Could that kind person please re-post it?
Many thanks

Inge Kirkwood-Bleys
Aboriginal, Multicultural, Languages & Learning Resource Centre
255 Torrens Road  WEST CROYDON  SA  5008
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Inge.Kirkwood-Bleys at sa.gov.au<mailto:Inge.Kirkwood-Bleys at sa.gov.au>
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