[OZTL_NET] The incredible disappearing teacher librarian

Robert Douglas robwdoug at bigpond.com
Sun Oct 20 21:05:45 AEDT 2013

Dear OZ-TLers,

I need your collective wisdom.

I am a TL at a secondary college of about 800 girls.  When my TL 
colleague resigned last year she was not replaced leaving me 0.8 TL with 
two .6 library techs.  The DP (currently acting principal) has now told 
me that my time fraction next year will be 0.6 FTE.

His argument is that as I am employed as a teacher I should be in front 
of students for the same time fraction as a teacher.  Since I am not, 
then there is not a need for a TL for more than 0.6 of the time.  I have 
suggested that there is more to a TL role than being in front of 
students, but he believes all library services should be provided by the 
library techs, not the TL.  The TL should  only be working with students 
in a class situation.  This has extended even to the removal of the TL's 
desk from the library workroom, and the expectation that in my "spare" 
periods I work in the staff work area where the other domain leaders  
have their desks.  Problem is this is upstairs in a building separate to 
the ground floor library.

How can I convince the school leaders that a TL role is both a teacher 
and a librarian?  In case you were wondering, I am involved in a reading 
programme at Years 7 - 9 and have an extensive information literacy 
programme.  I am reducing the print collection and increasing the 
digital collection.  The library is used as a study room for year 12's 
on independent study period and is generally well used by students and 
staff alike.

Not sure what more I can do.  Any ideas?



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