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I haven't, Debbie......BUT went to an itc session at the ASLA conference, lead by Eric Frangenheim. His workshop was very much about getting kids to "look at the verb". Get students to really analyse the question or task. It made really good sense to me and I will certainly be encouraging my students to do just that...focus more intently on what they are being asked to do first.

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Maybe I don't actually know what I am searching for, but has anyone ever seen a graphic deconstruction of the sections of a task sheet  that explains the various elements of a task sheet to students?

I am putting together a How to Guide on research and information seeking and I would like to include a breakdown of a task sheet. "This is what this bit means, and that bit means that..." kind of thing. I know teachers are supposed to explain these things but sometimes they don't do it well, or the student needs repetition and so I would like to include a graphic (and a note to speak to their TL, of course!).

So before I drive myself nutty inventing one with limited design skills, has anyone ever seen one, suitable for students?

Or can you suggest a better alternative?

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