[OZTL_NET] SHARE: Is teaching handwriting a waste of time?

Barbara Braxton barbara.288 at bigpond.com
Tue Feb 3 09:23:18 AEDT 2015

Thanks for joining the conversation Elizabeth.  

This is exactly why I post these things because so often less-informed people want to throw out the baby and the bathwater and I believe it is part of the teacher librarian's responsibility to have information like this for distribution, consideration and conversation when the issue is discussed at staff meetings.  Even better if they pre-empt authority-imposed debate and prompt the investigation so the school has an agreed position in place based on external evidence rather than personal opinion when the directive comes.

It's a way of showing we are across the leading edge discussions in education generally and demonstrating our leadership in the school.  We are not just about book management and TV recordings.

Something as simple as dragging the email I sent and your response into a folder is all that it takes so if there is anything on the horizon about typing tutors and so forth, there is an opportunity for a discussion that will broaden everyone's professional learning.


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