[OZTL_NET] Valentines Day Quiz

peter macinnis petermacinnis at ozemail.com.au
Wed Feb 4 22:57:44 AEDT 2015

Barbara Braxton asked me if I had a Valentine's Day quiz, and I thought 
the answer was no, so I banged one together, and then I found the old 
one. (The similarities are because I use a complex spreadsheet to 
generate them and I always have all of my questions to hand.)

So now I have the old 20-question one and a new 25-question one, and 
they are both online.

Here are the links:


In each case, the questions are roughly in ascending order of 
difficulty, so you can cut the quiz short for younger students.

The formatting is a bit tatty, because I am a bit pressed for time at 
the moment, dealing with a piece of flagrant plagiarism.  I will say 
more on that tomorrow night and then float off again.

To the two early recipients, these are better than what I sent you.


Peter Macinnis, feral word herder & science gossip.
Klein bottle stopper design consultant,
wholesaler of patented bonsai windvane mechanisms

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