[OZTL_NET] How do you know you need a new Library Management System?

HOAD, Bruce (bhoad3) bhoad3 at eq.edu.au
Thu Feb 5 11:15:08 AEDT 2015

Hi all
Happy as I am with my current LibraryMS, I am being asked what future criteria I would apply, in terms of technology, to decide when we should be budgeting for a new system.

I've only changed LMS once, 5 years ago when the system we were using kept becoming unstable and we were told it may not be coping with the number of users we had, and it would not allow us to produce data reports in the forms we required. (In our data conversion process we also realised that the old system had many more problems in terms of data that it never showed us.)  So I understand that failure of an old system to provide for current demands could be a criteria, as could increasing cost, or poor support, etc. but beyond these generally reactive reasons what more proactive reasons could be applied?

The ability of the LMS to seamlessly mesh with any other new IT adopted by the school (ebook platform; AV platform; database provider, any other new development) would be a necessary inclusion in the critieria, but not the driving force as that would have surely been considered in the purchase of the new IT (unless it was a systemic change beyond the school level).  Systemic change to IT firewalls / other limitations would be another inclusion in the criteria.
What other criteria would you use?
A major change in UX (user experience), requiring a different interface or other major change?

Maybe I've become complacent because I've been relatively happy with what we've got for the money we've spent, but I'm lost on this one and reading what suppliers are currently offering isn't giving me much idea of where they may be going and what I need to think about in the future.
Any suggestions?
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