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Fabian Amuso fabian.amuso at syd.catholic.edu.au
Tue Feb 10 10:28:03 AEDT 2015

Being a casual/temporary teacher librarian at the moment, I'm looking to 
attend regional network meetings for T/L's within the Sydney region. I am 
aware that such groups exist, but I'm struggling to find information. They 
can cover a specific school system e.g. Independent, Catholic or State 
Schools. Could I request some information relating to such groups and how I 
could join them? This will also aid in meeting professional development 
requirements as well. Geographically, I live in southern Sydney.  
Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


Fabian Amuso



*Fabian Amuso*

*Teacher & Teacher Librarian (Secondary)Justice of the Peace in and for the 
State of New South Wales*
Phone: 02 9522 8186
Mobile: 0423 760 134
Email: fabian.amuso at syd.catholic.edu.au 
Web: www.fabianamuso.blogspot.com.au

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