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Deborah Brown DBrown at monte.nsw.edu.au
Tue Feb 10 14:26:40 AEDT 2015

Hi Suzanne,
Our whole school uses Easybib (APA style referencing, accessible in the
pro version, for which we pay) and it has a very easy in-text referencing
function. The only downside is that they call it 'parenthetical', but once
you have clicked on the 'parenthetical' link, it is very simple to copy
and paste the reference into any program the student is using.

Deborah Brown
Manager, Library and Information Science
Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College
North Sydney

On 5/02/15 5:54 PM, "Suzanne Parfitt" <Suzanne.Parfitt at tts.edu.sg> wrote:

>Hi All,
>Our school is moving towards using Google Docs more than Word.  We have
>previously encouraged our students to use the Referencing Tool in Word,
>but now we need to find something that will fit well with Google Docs.
>I realise that an EasyBib tool can easily be added-on to Google Docs but
>it is very basic and doesn't include Harvard (we've been using  the
>Harvard Anglia style across our school, although we could change this in
>the future if necessary).  I've also noticed that EasyBib doesn't seem to
>have a way to easily create and insert in-text citations.  Is there a way
>to do it that I don't know about?  It seems strange to have a referencing
>tool that doesn't deal with in-text parenthetical citations.
>I'm going to trial 'EasyBib School Edition' and 'EasyBib Pro' and I just
>wondered if anyone has used these and has any opinions on their pro's and
>I'm also looking at RefME, which I am loving - it is so easy to use and
>its free!   I can't see a way of actually integrating it into Google Docs
>though.  We'd love to have everything on one screen if possible, like we
>have with the Word tool.  I'd be interested to hear if anyone is using
>RefME in a school and how you are finding it.
>I've used Zotero personally and really like it for myself, but I'd like
>to find something that's a bit simpler to use.
>Any thoughts or suggestions about referencing tools that can be easily
>used with Google Docs will be really appreciated.
>Many thanks,
>Suzanne Parfitt
>Assistant Librarian
>Senior School Library
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