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Calendar: I’ve been working on lists of special days useful to teachers and librarians. So far, I have three: A List of Book Related Special Days, A List of Fun Special Days and a List of Important Special Days. Right now only one of my lists is visible - (Book Related) http://list.ly/list/X6D-book-related-special-days <http://list.ly/list/X6D-book-related-special-days> as it’s almost ready for my post about it on 23/2 at The Book Chook. I plan to add a couple of days BB sent me to it as soon as I work out how to retain calendar order in my list once I adjust it. The other lists will go public soon and be published in March - I’ll post to OZTL when it’s done. 

You may want a different format for your list, but I am using Listly because I can embed it in my blog post AND maintain it at Listly’s website AND update it via my handy dandy Listly bookmarklet in my browser. The thing is, if it’s useful to you, you can embed my list in your blog too. You can also change the way it looks. I stuck to the simplest look - just text - so it would take least space. I am also trying not to include every single possible day in each list - just find an assortment I think fit in well across the grades/states/units. 

Off topic slightly: I went to my public library this morning with my love letter for the library and my book gift for International Book Giving Day. I bought Beautiful Oops by Barney Salzburg - partly because I love it and partly because I have parents at Storytime who are mortified when their preschoolers make “mistakes” and hasten to correct them. I thought the message might rub off! 


Susan Stephenson

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> Hi All
> I was just disappointed to find out that there is an International Book Givers Day - on 14 Feb.  I am not disappointed that there is one (personally I think this is fantastic) my problem is I am not prepared for it - and thus likely won't do anything/much to celebrate it.  I find that this "finding out things at the last minute" to be a great source of stress and anxiety to me = as  I want to do lots of things but don't give myself enough time to plan, order, inform, encourage, entice everyone else to get involved.
> So - as a solution I would like to put together a calendar of library/literary related activities that we could utilise. To this end I would love everyone to send me dates, ideas, suggestions etc for inclusion - (can you also identify if they are for a specific age group).  I am more than happy to share with everyone my calendar when it is finished.
> Thanks in anticipation
> BTW - please don't assume others will email me a date/event - I would prefer to receive the same item 10 times then to miss out on something "obvious"
> Regards
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