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Mon Feb 16 19:33:33 AEDT 2015

I'm writing an article about resourcing the curriculum and I've been alerted to
an article from the UK with the headline "Library users firmly focused on
fiction" and it has stats from the UK's Public Lending rights scheme.


I am not in a school at present so cannot access any local stats but I was
hoping that IF it is a SIMPLE process those of you in primary libraries might be
able to send me a breakdown of the fiction vs non-fiction circulation pattern of
your library for the last 12 months or so.  Just a % for one or the other would
be fine but ONLY if it's easy to do.  Don't want to add to anyone's workload but
it would add weight to this article I'm writing if I could use local stats about
local kids. In the US non-fiction is mandated in the Common Core standards and
children's choices are often restricted so I'd like a 'free, unbiased' market.


If you can do this EASILY then please email me offlist.








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