[OZTL_NET] footnoting revisited

Judith O'Rourke jorourke at kambala.nsw.edu.au
Fri Feb 20 15:05:46 AEDT 2015

Sorry to ask again - I sent out a message last year asking for thoughts about footnoting. The message was about teaching footnoting to our history students (at the request of the faculty) as we already teach students to reference using the APA style. I was finding it difficult to find any consistent style of footnoting tot base our teaching on and when I looked at several university sites I got the impression that footnoting is not being taught or used so much at that level. One response from  a university lecturer was that teaching footnoting to senior high school students was indeed a bit over the top and was being less taught at university level! 

The reason for my message is that my history department is nervous about abandoning the idea of footnoting and would like some verification from the real knowledge base (ie people on this list) that it should reconsider footnoting and stick to one style of referencing for all students.

Thanks for any responses/advice

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