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Inspired by something else I was asked to do, I would like to focus my next post
for 500 Hats on how we as teacher librarians in mainstream schools can
specifically adapt our environments, services, collections and so forth to meet
the needs of those students who have special needs, be they physical,
intellectual, emotional or cultural.  In my sample Mission Statement
http://500hats.edublogs.org/policies/mission-statement/I have included the
statement "providing and promoting physical and intellectual access for all and
in the sample Collection Policy
http://500hats.edublogs.org/policies/sample-collection-policy/ I have the
following. "Apart from the Senior Fiction collection no resource in the general
collection will be shelved, labelled or displayed in a way that discriminates or
marginalises a user on the grounds of ability, culture, ethnicity, religion,
sexual orientation, any other consideration" 


So what are the things that you do to make sure every student can use the
library as independently as they can?


Please respond offlist and I will collate all the responses into a blog post
which I will share shortly.






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