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Shelagh Walsh shelagh.walsh at ntschools.net
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Hi All,

I have been asked by the Powers that Be to find some information on Reading Programs that are being run fairly successfully in other schools.  The criteria is for it to be able to be used across Middle School and to have some method of testing or obtaining results or data on student levels, preferably being able to gain this data during class in some way

I don't think that we have formally used a program here before as we have had extra staff who could take each student and work with them to gain an idea of their reading levels - however, we are short staffed and those with the experience have left or retired, so it becomes a question of everyone working across the board, in class, on the same program.  Or at least that is what I understand from the request.

If anyone has something that they worked with or know to be useful, could you please respond off list please?  I will pass all information onto Senior staff, and if requested, am happy to compile a hit if anyone would like one.

Many thanks

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