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And truth be known Alison, they are probably playing with them during class as well. Have set days in the library where things happen.

Monday - reading corners - student can only read F in the library - can be ebooks or interactive Fiction books. May do storytelling here or storyreading aloud as well. Can also do study and use the OPACs.

Tuesday - electronic GameDay - play to their hearts content. Can also do study and use the OPACs.

Wednesday - Game on - board games and puzzles (have a jigsaw out for anyone to do at any time - including staff), no electronic games. Can also do study and use the OPACs.

Soap Day - may have a video/clickview/series of useful YouTube videos running. Can also do study and use the OPACs.

Mufti day - anything goes. Could do maker spaces here or again have this running all the time in a designated space.

This way they get 2 days a week when they can play on their ipads in the library. Need to remember that gaming is also improving literacy skills - depends on the type of games they are playing.


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I could get some advice from my fellow teacher librarians.

The assistant principal at my school is concerned that many students (mostly the boys) are too obsessed with their ipads. The boys play games on it during the entire recess and lunch time in the library. I have observed them skipping lunch and are also not getting enough exercise or fresh air outside. They will sit 45 mins straight on the library sofas with their ipads.

I would like to ask if any of you have had a similar problem and how you dealt with it? Or just any ideas on what I should do to get the boys not to play on their ipads anymore? We have plenty of board games and books in the library but not very utilised at lunch time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated for a newbie!

Alice Lee (Teacher librarian at Mount Alexander College)

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