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When you say - by consciously shaping the desired total school community ecosystem Mal - do you mean teaching the kids how to use the technology appropriately? Otherwise this is a rehash of the digital native idea that kids have the capacity, cognitive skills and ethical conceptual development to distinguish between uses of technology in what is an evolving and incredibly complex information environment - a landscape that goes way beyond the school. The DN idea has been debunked in rigorous research for the last 15 years - ever since the idea was first put out there by Tapscott and Prensky back in 1998 and 2001 respectively - a lot has happened since then in technology terms.

A couple of other arguments here and ones the DP is probably thinking about:
Education is about the whole child and includes mental health and physical well being. It is about social engagement, collaboration and teams, and learning to communicate using all delivery modes and devices. Technology is a tool - it will not solve society's ills, nor will it compensate when students are not literate. I think perhaps what is needed here is a balanced approach. Technology has its place. As you say - there doesn't appear to be a problem when use of technology has been shaped by a total school community approach.

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Dear colleagues/Susan/Alice

As one looking at the digital evolution of schooling it is fascinating watching this discussion

Unwittingly what each of your are doing is to provide an insight into your school's current culture, the nature of its ecosystem and where your school sits on the schools evolutionary continuum. In this instance the focus is the nature of the control the school believes it should exercise over each child's learning and teaching within the school walls, and the extent to which it is willing to trust the students with the technology they are already 24/7/365 - where 80% plus of that usage is outside the school walls unfettered by the school.

On the continuum these are cultures where the school believes it must unilaterally control the teaching and learning - and where it should continue with the approach schools have used for the last century, of distrusting all the young - believing the children can't use the valuable instructional technology appropriately.

Well along the evolutionary continuum there is in contrast schools which - after years of concerted effort and thinking - have created a school ecosystem, an ecology - where the control of the teaching and learning is distributed, where all the 'teachers' of the young work collaboratively in the 24/7/365 education of the young and where the young are trusted - nay actively encouraged - by the school to use the digital naturally and aptly 24/7/365

In those schools, in their iCentres, in their school grounds the children are free to use their chosen suite of digital technologies as they wish - the usage being monitored thru the school's Wi Fi network

And the remarkable thing that was apparent in revisiting the case study schools interviewed in the UK, US, NZ and Australia three years ago is that the schools have had no or virtually no hassles

But - and this a the vital but - those schools have over the years consciously shaped the desired total school community ecosystem

Kind regards

Mal Lee

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> Hi Alice
> We are a one-to-one iPad school from Years 5 to 12 here and it is the policy (at least for middle school - years 5 to 8) that iPads are to be secured in lockers at recess and lunchtime. No exceptions. We offer a PC gaming day once a week for the boys and once a week for the girls and we have board games available every day for them, as well as sport on our Foxtel screen.  It was a hard adjustment for them to make initially, but it is paying off now - there are groups coming in to play role-play card games and Uno tournaments are gaining traction - all organised by the students themselves.  There are a few less in the library on some days - but it means they are socialising and enjoying time in the fresh air instead - so it's still a win! We are exploring the jigsaw puzzle idea (I have one of those mats you can roll the puzzle up in) and I am thinking of running a weekly scavenger hunt in the colder months with the prize of a $5 canteen voucher (which would buy a small hot chocolate and a hash brown) for the inner each week.
> But definitely no iPads at recess or lunch.
> Sue Osborne
> Head of Library Services - Brighton
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> Hi everyone,
> I was wondering if I could get some advice from my fellow teacher librarians.
> The assistant principal at my school is concerned that many students (mostly the boys) are too obsessed with their ipads. The boys play games on it during the entire recess and lunch time in the library. I have observed them skipping lunch and are also not getting enough exercise or fresh air outside. They will sit 45 mins straight on the library sofas with their ipads.
> I would like to ask if any of you have had a similar problem and how you dealt with it? Or just any ideas on what I should do to get the boys not to play on their ipads anymore? We have plenty of board games and books in the library but not very utilised at lunch time.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated for a newbie!
> Alice Lee (Teacher librarian at Mount Alexander College)
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