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Clare minchin clarem at tas.qld.edu.au
Thu Mar 5 13:14:03 AEDT 2015

We have culled a number of books from our system and are keen to find new homes for them if anyone is interested. Just pay the postage or delivery and they are yours!
Clare Minchin/Kaye Morehead  Trinity Anglican School.  07 40368170

Oxford Big Ideas History 832
Oxford Big Ideas History 927
Oxford Big Ideas History 1025
Problems in Physics22
A United Front? 25
New Century Senior Physics16
David Copperfield 5
The Crucible13
Jane Eyre1
For Whom the Bell Tolls 2
Wild Swans 1
Sons and Lovers1
Kim 1
The Grapes of Wrath 1
All Quiet on the Western Front1
My Girragundji85
Never Let me Go 76
Away (PLAY)66
A Single Shard6
The Master Puppeteer4
Across the Nightengale Floor33
Bridge to Terebithia29
The Bombing of Darwin15
The Keeper25
The Battle of the Galah Trees2
The Ballad of Les Darcy10
Wizard of Earthsea2
Norton's Hut2
A Tale of Two Cities2
The Bronze Horseman2
Pride and Prejudice5
Nineteen Eighty Four12
A Fortunate Life2
Women in Love1
Tess of D'Urbervilles1
Looking for Alibrandi2
The Handmaid's Tale2
Sense and Sensibility3
Moby Dick3
The Pearl2
Little Women1
Oliver Twist2
Ned's Kang-U-Roo7
Island of the White Spear4
River Rat2
China's Son25
The Donkey who Carried the Wounded39

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