[OZTL_NET] EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). Any experience with it?

chelsea wright email at chelseawright.net
Thu Mar 5 23:39:26 AEDT 2015

Hi all,
have any of you implemented EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)?

If so I'm keen to hear about your experience.

I love the idea, and I'm trying to decide whether it would bring big
benefits to our school or not.

I'm not sure, however, whether a single search window for everything is the
way to go. Maybe there is a benefit in keeping things separate with logos
that students can associate with topic areas (i.e. "that 'blue one' is the
database I use for science... and that 'circle one' is the one I go to for
history... etc.)

It is expensive but I would be prepared to spend the money if it really
encouraged students to search databases more often - by making things

I also worry about the fact that some databases cross-over, and results are
missed when a student 'lives' only in one database, because that's what
s/he is familiar with or was shown how to use in year 7...

Any stories or first-hand experience would be greatly appreciated.

Cwright at scr.vic.edu.au
PS. Happy Goat year!
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