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Leonie McIlvenny leoniem at westnet.com.au
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Good afternoon everyone
If you are a Teacher Librarian or Resource Teacher and wish to develop your professional portfolio around the AITSL Standards then you might like to join the AITSL for Teacher Librarians Challenge.

This Challenge is designed to support library professionals on a step-by-step journey through the daunting task or collecting evidence to support their claim against the Australian Teaching Standards.

Why has the challenge been developed?
Feedback from a successful professional learning series conducted in 2014 by found that deconstructing the standards and examining them one at a time proved to be a non-threatening and manageable process to begin to understand and collect evidence against the standards. Add to that the powerful process of collaboration with colleagues and you create a dynamic support network with a common goal.

How does the challenge work?
Participants in the challenge will be guided through a series of weekly actions / tasks. These tasks are designed to 'get the ball rolling' in establishing the foundations for a professional portfolio by identifying key components  of each standard and providing guidance in understanding what the standard may look like in a library context and how evidence can be collected to address that standard. The tasks are designed to take no more than approximately 1 hour, but when combined will help build a professional portfolio that is dynamic and showcases your expertise and knowledge against that AITSL standards.

Each standard will be deconstructed, and ideas provided on how to address that standard with exemplars, resource links and evidence ideas. 

A blog page for each standard has been established so that participants can share their ideas and evidence examples - this collaboration will stimulate thinking and discussion around each of the standards.

By participating in this challenge you  will be helping to create a generative process of collaboration and professional support within our dynamic and pro-active school library community.
When does the challenge start?
The Challenge will formally start on April 1st however the first Challenge will be live from 29 March for those who want to get under way before Easter. While a Challenge will be posted each week participants can work through the Challenges at their own pace - either using the holiday time to do extra work or to have a break and recommence when school begins again in Term 2. 
The Challenge will end on June 30 by which time it is envisaged that all participants will have at least the beginnings of a portfolio of evidence that can be used in a number or professional scenarios (accreditation, job application, performance management etc.)
For further information or to register go to http://aitslfortlschallenge.weebly.com/
If you have any queries please contact me at leoniem at westnet.co.au
Kind Regards
Leonie McIlvenny
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