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Hi Michelle,
You have probably already come across this one:

If CDs are acceptable, Amazon sells it:

I had to send a year 7 novel off to the QLD Narration Service the other
day, because even Vision Australia didn't have it. It can be tough getting
your hands of a quality audio version sometimes.

Good luck,
Chelsea Wright
cwright at scr.vic.edu.au

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Subject: [OZTL_NET] Catcher in the Rye - audio book
Hi all,

Our year 10’s are studying The Catcher in the Rye next term and one of the
teachers has asked if we can get an audio version so that the struggling
students can access it in the holidays and be ready for when the text is
discussed in class.

I’m wondering if anyone has a copy, or knows where I can get a copy, as I
can’t find one anywhere! There are a couple of mentions on Trove but they
are at the various state based vision associations so I’m guessing they
were made in house.

Otherwise I can’t find any mention of it, presumably there isn’t an
official audio version but if you know otherwise please let me know.


Kind regards,
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