[OZTL_NET] Satellite libraries

LANHAM, Pamela (planh1) planh1 at eq.edu.au
Sat Mar 14 18:44:56 AEDT 2015

I am brainstorming the idea of having a few satellite "libraries" in a secondary school.  I am in a large school and the purpose of these "libraries"  would be to give students reading opportunities in different places around the school.  We are in the process of establishing Year 7 collections in the Year 7 classrooms (changed regularly) but now I have turned my mind to having magazines and books in the science corridor to catch science students and give them the opportunity to read.  I can see there are some issues to overcome (like security, care of the books, shelving) but normally we can find some way around those.  Has anyone tried such an idea?  If so, I would be very grateful if you would let me know of your experience.

Pam Lanham
Corinda State High School
planh1 at eq.edu.au

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