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[Conference 2015 2]

The conference planning is well underway!
The planning for our conference in September is taking shape – or should we say ‘blossoming’! Here is a taste of what is coming.
Remember registrations open in May: http://www.slanza2015.co.nz/slanza15

If you missed our first ‘newsletter’ about conference, go to the website above for more information.

Keynote Speakers
Here are some of the keynotes confirmed so far that you can look forward to:

Janelle Riki
Janelle’s<http://www.core-ed.org/about/meet-our-team/janelle-riki> expertise lies in Te Reo me ōna Tikanga Māori including the Treaty of Waitangi in Education, improving and enhancing Māori achievement, Māori Policies and Procedures for mainstream schools and Bilingual Education. Janelle will look at how our libraries of the future can support Maori achievement.

Mark Osborne
Mark is a Senior Consultant<http://www.core-ed.org/about/meet-our-team/mark-osborne> who works in Future-Focused Education, particularly in the areas of Modern Learning Environments, Leadership and eLearning.  Mark will explain Modern Learning Environments (a phrase heard often) and discuss where he sees the school library fitting into future focused education.

Tracie Mauro
Tracie is Branch Librarian at the Parkes Shire Library and Cultural Centre, a library serving a rural community in New South Wales.  Tracie and her staff have been exploring literacy based activities<http://www.libraryasincubatorproject.org/> and stimulating learning through sensory play.  Tracie is also co-author of a chapter entitled Monsters, Rockets and Baby Racers in the book: The Library Innovation Toolkit: Ideas, Strategies and Programmes.

Helen Stower and Kathryn Schravemade
Helen is Programme Leader and Kathryn is Teacher Librarian of the Mt Alvernia College Library in Queensland.  Helen and Kathryn will share their journey of: Moving from a Traditional Library to a Contemporary iCentre.  A journey which they admit is hard, has bumps in the road and is still a work in progress.

You will be able to mix and match from a variety of workshops which cover the following three main streams as below.  A call for abstracts is currently out (a summary of what you could present a 45 minute workshop on).  I’m sure many of you have been doing some great things in your libraries which we would love you to share with your colleagues!  Go to the conference website for the Call for Abstracts information and forms.
[Conference 2015 2]
Workshop Streams

Growing Readers Kia whakatipua te kaipānui

Workshops covering reading, literacy and promoting a reading culture in your school.

Sowing Digital Seeds Kia ruiruia pū matahiko

Workshops covering all things supporting and developing information and digital literacy.


Cultivating Leadership Kia ngakia te rangatiratanga

Workshops supporting library management, the library manager and innovation.


Social Programme

We are holding our conference dinner at the new Ilex Centre – a new visitor centre in the heart of our Hagley Park Botanical Gardens and on the banks of the River Avon.  We also have some other events in the planning including author breakfasts, happy hour and hopefully some fun fashion and styling tips – for you, not your library!

Venue and Accommodation
From the Ground Up will be held at St Andrew’s College where the new boarding houses will be available for accommodation - $50 per night (twin or quad share) and includes breakfast.  St Andrew’s is also close to motel and hotel options with shopping within walking distance and only 15 minutes from Christchurch Airport.

Show this valuable professional development experience to your Principal and make sure that they are aware of this learning and networking opportunity for you.   Share this information with your network of school library colleagues and encourage them to come along or join SLANZA so this chance to learn, network and share won’t be missed!

Cathy Kennedy
Conference Convenor
And your SLANZA Aoraki Conference Committee
cky at stac.school.nz<mailto:cky at stac.school.nz>

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