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Adrian Bell abell at concord.com.au
Thu Mar 19 10:47:23 AEDT 2015

Hi Again Everyone,

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming response to
our Vanuatu Book Aid appeal. It is great to see so much support. To keep up
with details of collections and other information please visit

Thank you also to all who have attended our Showcases and Webinars, we are
gathering information from these sessions and obtaining some great ideas
for our Infiniti LMS product roadmap.

Our next webinar is on March 26 and will be run three times as it is
important to us that we continue to build up our knowledge of requirements
across the country and across the ditch. Visit
http://www.concordinfiniti.com/showcases for more details and to register.

For those who were unable to make our national showcase tour or have not
attended a webinar yet, we would like to share some frequently asked

Q. Is your subscription a flat fee or do you charge extra for each module?
A. We do not want to confuse ourselves with complicated fee structures, so
we decided to charge one extremely competitive flat fee for annual

Q. When you demonstrate Infiniti do you demonstrate everything, including
the management area?
A. This question really surprised us. Infiniti has been designed to improve
the experience for all users, from students to librarians. It is important
that all aspects of the software are shown to ensure library professionals
are provided a comprehensive insight into Infiniti. We also offer trial
systems to give those interested time to explore our full solution in their
own time. In short, we want you to feel secure in your investment.

Q. We are concerned that if we decide to leave Infiniti you will charge us
an exorbitant amount for us to get our data back.
A. As far as we are concerned, it's your data. You have trusted us to
securely store, backup and manage your data. In short, if your subscription
is paid up to date, then receiving your data is free. We do not have hidden

Q. Have you designed Infiniti to enable librarians to do what we need to
do, to function effectively in our own libraries or have you designed
Infiniti to work how “you" believe school libraries should operate?
A. Another surprising question. Although we have qualified and experienced
librarians on staff at Infiniti we believe that you are the only person who
knows how to run your library. We have designed Infiniti to enable the
flexibility for each library to be unique, and to be run according to your
preferences and rules. To be fair, we cannot develop a system that can
address every permutation of process in individual libraries, but we have
endeavoured to make Infiniti as flexible as possible.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our March 26th webinar. Remember, all
who attend go into the draw to win prizes for their school library to the
value of $1500. Winners will be notified after EduTECH 2015.


Adrian Bell
Concord Infiniti - http://www.concordinfiniti.com
P: (07) 3721 2600
M: 0401 513 447
Official Sponsor of OZTL-NET
Join us @ EduTECH 2015
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