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Pat Pledger patricia.pledger at bigpond.com
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LinksPlus has just published: 'Best books for Primary Book 2' ed. Pat 
It contains annotated lists of recent books recommended by ReadPlus 
reviewers or found on award lists.

ReadPlus Online has built a great reputation for its free reviews of 
books for children and teenagers in its frequently updated blog: 
The subscription service provides in depth access and is designed for 
teachers, teacher librarians and others who want to know what reading is 
available on a particular topic for a particular age level.
Login to search and create a fiction list based on: Theme, Author, 
Title, and Film.
Author sites, read similar books and read similar authors, links to 
lesson plans are also found for many titles.
Individual use $121 (incl. GST) pa.
School site licence $165 (incl. GST) pa.

Request a week's trial: http://www.readplus.com.au/trial.php
Order form: https://www.pledgerconsulting.com/assets/Uploads/order2015.pdf
Order online: 

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