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After Barbara's post request the other day I went ahead and purchased a CD player for my Library that allows six headsets to be plugged directly to it. No need for junction boxes etc. I have a mass of old headsets lying around that can be used. I also have heaps of CD stories with books that are under-utilised and this will make a great lunch time activity.
Paid $159.00 for the player

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Downloading interactive and narrated stories from such places as iTunes Store onto laptops and tablets. It is time consuming but a base of 8 stories has kept our 450-500 roll happy for 2 years.
It is hard to search so maybe the list serve people could  provide popular choices , or they will be on the archive.
Morris Lessing is wonderful and there are features mentioned in the book which you can find on the digital version( or vice versa , I haven't looked yet.)
Cat in the hat
Hairy Maclary
That type of thing. There is masses of crap there!

I bought cheap headphones from Kmart (with the large squashy EarPods that you can wipe clean if you need to). The sound quality is fine but you can't limit it.
Also got reasonably priced ones from a major mainstream electrics and electronics supplier which have a limiting function on the sound level so they'll be safe for kids, .....often called child friendly headphones.
International digital children's lit website also has narration as a feature and you can choose different languages, and it's free so you don't need a login.
Also National Geographic Kids ....
Storybox is great but fairly expensive, we've only ever had a trial , and once you had a subscription you'd then have to have a login... Major disadvantage unless you have techie help to allow the service to come up automatically.
There are lots of suppliers of online or CD reading schemes like PM readers but they are not recreational and are expensive and I have no idea whether the purchase price can include library use as well as classroom, as I'm not interested in using those.

The whole idea being at lunchtime you do not have time to give individual lessons on how to use devices or how to login (even with library monitors).
If you use tablets/ipads and just want the children to listen to stories then you'll have to disable the internet function as they will inevitably go onto you tunes, and after a year or so of letting them play around with the camera function I would advise disabling that too if you can.
There are various apps available for combining their own drawing and camera work with their own stories which I initially thought was a great idea, but I've found these sometimes produce silly results , and along with the camera you have to delete everything , another time wasting job.

I used to have a CD stereo system the kids were able to use on their own but eventually the slider that takes the CD stopped functioning... And it was hard to find a good place for it to sit with its standalone speakers and  everyone within 6 metres could hear it.

Decent quality CD player/radio/MP3 function devices can be good , cheap ones fail pretty quickly, don't recognise the CD etc. Plus  of course you can play CDs on a laptop and have separate speakers if you want a whole class to listen. Books with CDs are very reasonably priced and available mainstream, e.g. Walker  Books.

My library monitors supervise the written log or roster for these devices , approx 10 minutes per child or group of children and only 1 turn a week if there is high demand. They also are supposed to make sure they are turned off properly and the ipads locked away in a cupboard. iPads and tablets to be used while sitting at tables or on furniture, not on the floor.
My laptops are secured to desks with ultra effective locking devices, I can send a photo if you don't know Australian suppliers.

Angela Soutar
Sunnynook Primary School
North Shore

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