[OZTL_NET] Survey request

Patricia Buckley PBuckley at padua.qld.edu.au
Tue Mar 24 09:17:22 AEDT 2015

Hello all

The Qld branch hosts its annual Short List tomorrow night where we ask local 'experts' to put up their picks for the CBCA Book of the Year awards. This year to create more buzz, we wanted to show the 'people's choices' too.

I created this survey monkey poll, and hope that if you have a spare 5 minutes, you might like to respond for a bit of fun. You don't have to pick for every category and although it lets you pick more, we would like you to only choose up to 6. We couldn't add all the official entries so if you think there is a pick that isn't there, you can add it in the 'other' comment box at the bottom of each category.


Would love some more numbers. Apologies if you have already been sent this through other lists.

Thanks in advance.


Trisha Buckley
TL Qld
(cbca hat on)
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