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Hi There Brid,
I have a number of books on grief on my blog as this has been a topic that has touched my own family and I very much believe in beautiful books which speak to this topic. 

This blog post here has a number of books which deal with grief (some explicitly, some as part of other feelings) http://childrensbooksdaily.com/childrens-books-feelings-grief/ 

I highly recommend 'Life is Like the Wind' in this blog post here http://childrensbooksdaily.com/back-school-series-books-deal-big-issues/ 

My all-time favourite is probably 'Beginnings and Endings with Lifetimes in Between' and this is a book which should be on EVERY home and school library shelf in my opinion. I absolutely love this book http://childrensbooksdaily.com/beginnings-and-endings-with-lifetimes-in-between/ 


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Hi Everyone,

I recall that there was a list of suggested picture books for children who have lost a parent or someone special to them a number of weeks ago. We have had two children lose their fathers this past weekend and I would very much like to buy some resources to support them at this time.
 Thanks for your help.
Brid Bowers
Teacher in the Library
St Charles Primary School
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