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Deighton, Janet JANET.DEIGHTON at det.nsw.edu.au
Tue Mar 24 13:15:26 AEDT 2015

Hi Tina,

Thank you for posting this. 

We have been finding it increasingly hard to find somewhere that will benefit from having our books.

We have books boxed and ready to go!

Do you have a pick up for us Sydney-siders?

Kind regards

Jan Deighton
Teacher Librarian
Northmead Primary School
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Hey all

I am so saddened to see that the attitude towards weeded books to other countries...

For the last 4 or so years CYA Conference has been part of chain of amazing people which have shipped Australian weeded books from may schools, libraries and private collections to PNG. FYI - they do all their schooling in ENGLISH now, not traditional languages so that there is a standard across the country, and the use of Australian school text books is welcomed... We have been part of setting up not only school libraries, but community libraries as well, and I can assure you that these books are needed and utilised.

Because we have a freight company (Fastair in Brendale, Brisbane,) involved, they distribute the books to the Sustainable Palm Oil Estates, Mines and Engineering companies and many other businesses inside PNG within their monthly containers.

This project is Sustainable because we never look to fund raise in order to send these containers, they get a free ride to PNG. ( And a free sorting on that side too within these companies who are passionate as we are about education and literacy!)

With over 100 tons ( yes 100 000 kgs ) of books shipped, and a sustainable route, and distribution procedure, these books do make a difference within the communities they go to. And more communities are asking to be part of it all the time, so because its community driven, it works.

Please don't just discount that because of one persons bad experience that you know if, that the books are not needed overseas   - they are.

This is a link to our page about being part of this project

This is the direct link to the Mobile library sites that started it all rolling.

And the Mobile Libraries PNG site:

They are all worth a look - and you will see that libraries that had nothing are now filled and being used.

We send books, stationery,teaching aids, library resources - anything that is on the educational spectrum.

This is one of Rotaries Youtube clips on the glasses project - but you will see the Milne Bay Mobile Library Project mentioned because they are also part of this wonderful chain of people who think outside the box, and help spread literacy!


Yes, I feel passionately about the throw away society that Australia has become and finding a new home for the books that people here don't use anymore... not everyone is blessed with an ipad or Kindle, a laptop computer or even electricity. Sometimes the books they have mould within3 -  5 years, because there is no air-conditioners - so what ???  if we continue to support this project - those mouldy books become firebricks ( saving a bit of natural rainforest) and new books will be delivered to share on the shelf.

Thanks to everyone on this list who already donates books to us, and other charities. Please don't stop recycling books...

CYA later!

T.M.Clark - CYA Conference Coordinator
& The CYA Conference Team.
web site: www.cyaconference.com
email: info at cyaconference.com

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        anything in VIC?
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Hi All, I always have a problem with sending books we have weeded from our collections to other countries. Why would we think these are suitable for someone else when we have deemed them unsuitable for our schools? They need money so they can rebuild and buy items suitable for their collections - preferably in mother tongue and which meet their ethnic and cultural needs. This is the message we get at IASL from schools in developing countries such as Africa and South America. I would shred the weeded items (otherwise some well-meaning soul will bring them back!) and do some major fund raising for Vanuatu instead.

Dr Barbara Combes,
Lecturer, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Celebrating 40 years of Library and Information Science education @ CSU
President, Western Australian School Library Association (WASLA)
Secretary, Literacy and Reading Section, International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)
Corresponding member, Information Literacy Section, International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)
Email: bcombes at csu.edu.au

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I appreciate the thinking behind reluctance to send weeded books to charities but a blanket statement is not appropriate either.
I work in a K-2 library which has not been weeded for a very long time.
The books I am pulling off are often in excellent condition, simply unsuitable for my young readers.
Other titles which do not appeal to my girls-only audience, or duplicates of titles which have not remained popular, sit untouched and do not merit shelf space in this particular library. They might be quite suitable for other readers in other libraries.

Saying that weeded books should never be passed on is as helpful as saying that weeded books should always be passed on. As professionals we are capable of making informed decisions.
I'm delighted that my recently weeded books may be of use to someone in need.

Penny Szentkuti
[cid:image001.jpg at 01D06259.53152350]

Ms Penny Szentkuti

Teacher Librarian

188 New South Head Road Edgecliff Sydney NSW 2027 Australia

T 02 8356 7045     F 02 8356 7230     www.ascham.nsw.edu.au<http://www.ascham.nsw.edu.au/>

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