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Hi Wendy

Schools that want to offer extended service MUST apportion funding to those
services. In your case that means an increased allocation of funds to
information services.

It seem to me that an increase in opening hours without adjustment to the
learning environment and learning expectations would be inappropriate. And
I would want those extended opening hours to arise out of other broader

Will the principal make herself available in the library during those hours?

What extended PD will be available during those hours?

Best wishes

James Henri

Learning Team Australia

On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 6:28 AM, Barbara Braxton <barbara.288 at bigpond.com>

> Dear Wendy
> There are several key issues to consider here...
> Firstly, is there an actual demand for extended hours?  You need to survey
> the students to find out if they would take advantage of them particularly
> if there is limited public school transport. What needs would be met (other
> than an alternative to going home which, to me, is not a justifiable need)
> by having the library open for extended hours?  Is there an alternative way
> to meet those needs such as an electronic or online service?
> There is the industrial aspect and identifying the conditions of the
> award/contract/agreement each of those who will be required to work the
> extended hours are governed by.  What are the core hours of the school that
> you are expected to be physically on the premises and can you fit your
> proposals in within them?  If not, how will those agreements need to be
> changed to address the new proposals so all are fairly compensated and can
> they be changed? I'm surprised that you close at 3.05 - is that the end of
> your working day with everything else after that overtime?
> There is the safety and security aspect not just for staff but also
> students.  If the library is open after hours when there is limited public
> transport where does the school's duty of care in ensuring students get
> home safely begin and end?  Is it safe for a solitary person to be in the
> school after 3.05 and what would be the implications of having to
> employ/keep another staff member on for security?
> Students, particularly senior students, are about to get a dose of real
> life where doctors, lawyers, optometrists, even public libraries do not
> stay open to suit their timetable so perhaps it would be beneficial to help
> them develop the skills they need to manage their time efficiently.
> The fundamental issues are demand and supply especially supply within a
> safe environment with appropriate compensation.
> Barbara
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