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Judith O'Rourke jorourke at kambala.nsw.edu.au
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Hi Wendy

We are currently reviewing our opening hours and at the moment we are offering Mon and thursday 7:45 - 8pm, Tues and Wed. 7:45 - 5:30pm and Friday 7:45 - 4pm. This is the first term that we have offered extended hours.

Mon and Thursday late shifts are run by a teacher librarian, Tuesday and Wednesdays are staffed by our AV library tech staff. There are academic staff on board Monday to Thursday to assist with homework as well. There is an occasional homework catch up club on fridays run by a teacher, if required.

We are located on a fairly frequent bus route and we require students to sign in, get permission from a parent to stay, and to let us know when they are leaving.

Monday and Thursday, the librarians start work at 12:00 and finish at 8pm. We are contemplating offering late nights on Tuesday and Wednesday but we are not sure yet how this will be staffed. It is probably not feasible for the two librarians to do two late nights as that means we are short staffed from 7:45 to 12pm, and it is tiring!

The year 12 girl have been the biggest users as they like the fact that they can ‘settle in’ and work uninterrupted. They cite too many distractions at home and like the idea that once they are on a roll, they can work for a good solid couple of hours. We have just conducted a survey of the girls who have stayed to get some feedback and the their responses support this. The girls have mentioned that it would be nice to have food available so they can stay a bit longer - a lot of the year 12 girls have stayed right to the end.

I hope this information is helpful

Judy O'Rourke

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