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Congrats to Tehani and Tansy - will be eaten up by all of us grumpy old women!

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I can highly recommend Cranky ladies of history for adults and senior students.
'Cranky Ladies of History is an anthology conceived and developed by Tehani Wessley of Fablecroft Publishing and author, Tansy Rayner Roberts. Crowdfunded through Pozible during Womens History Month in 2014, the concept attracted many supporters eager to be a part of project.'

Absolutely loved The Company Of Women by Garth Nix about Lady Godiva and was horrified by the last Countess of Bathory in Look How Cold My Hands Are by Deborah Biancotti.
I haven't read all the stories yet, but those I have read are really wonderful, provocative and thought provoking. Great for Women's History Month. Best of all Tehani Wessley is one of the editors!

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