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I am looking for an app (PC not Apple) that probably doesn't exist but.


Many of our students do not speak English as they're from diplomatic families
and they enter our Intensive English Centre for a 20 week program that will help
them get the basics before going to the schools in the areas they live in. But
not speaking English does not mean they are not fluent in another language and
able to read in that language as many of them are not Kindy kids.  Therefore we
have a growing bilingual collection that is housed in containers that are
labelled with the particular language in English.


What I am looking for is something where I can type the language in English -for
example Chinese - and  it will convert it to Chinese or Tagalog or Afrikaans or
whatever I need (over 50) so I can then print it without having to install the
font in that language.  I can find an example in Google images but can't include
it as it will be stripped as an attachment.


I just want the children to be able to recognise the books for them more easily
and because languages cross borders a national flag won't work.  But it's a bit
tricky to read the word Indonesian in English when you're still trying to figure
out what you're name looks like.


If such an app doesn't exist then I will see if I can get parents to write the
words for me but that's a lot of contact and co-ordination when I'm only there
part time and live 130km from the school so after-hours doesn't work!


Any suggestions?




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