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Helen Boelens helenboelens at xs4all.nl
Sun Dec 4 19:45:09 AEDT 2016

Hello Ngaire,

I'm really interested in what you have written.  I don't actually have a 
solution, however I would like to ask you if I can swap ideas with you and 
any other people who reply.  I read James Henri's suggestion to ask the 
children - a good idea.

I am an Australian (living in the Netherlands) who tries to do a lot of 
school library work at international level.  Some time ago I was approached 
by some international educators who were concerned about students (upper 
secondary school level) from different parts of the world, who come from 
very wealthy families.  These students have virtually no motivation to study 
anything - after all, they have the (true?) expectation that there will be 
enough family money for them to spend throughout their lives to live in 
luxury.  They will never have to work for a living.  At the moment they seem 
to spend a great deal of their time with sport-related activities.  How do 
you motivate these students to get to like learning?  Through an Individual 
Learning Project?  Would Maker Spaces be part of this?

Perhaps a start would be to discuss with the students the fact that our 
world is changing rapidly (especially the population statistics, climate, 
technology, language etc.). What is their world going to be like in 10, 20, 
30 years' time?  Can they make any predictions?  What will their lives be 
like?  How will they fit in?

Ask students from this group of very reluctant learners what they would 
actually like to learn (enjoy) , taking this ever-changing world into 
account.  Do they have any responsibilities as people who will be living in 
this changing world?   It might be very interesting to see what they 

Ask them to make a possible list (individually and then together with other 

Perhaps we, as school librarians, could swap these lists (at both local and 
international level). After all, the school library is, in my opinion, the 
perfect place for Individual Learning Projects.  We could go from there, 
exchanging our ideas.

Kind regards and good wishes to all,
Helen Boelens

Helen Boelens PhD
International School Library Researcher and Advisor,
The Netherlands.

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> Good afternoon,
> I have been given a subject to teach in our specialist year 10 program 
> next year. The students in this specialist program have been hand picked 
> as they are identified as having a low interest in school and a low level 
> of connection to our school. Once a week for 75 minutes the students will 
> work on an Individual Learning Project.
> I have been asked to come up with a list of ideas for the students. I am 
> struggling to come up with a list and was hoping the collective wisdom of 
> OZTL could help.
> Does anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Ngaire
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