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Heather Bailie hbailie13 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 15:21:52 AEDT 2016

Thank you to Liz, Chantal, Anne, Tehani, Barbara, Melinda, Tracey,
Margaret, Roslyn, Narelle and Elizabeth for your responses and suggestions.
Titles mentioned were:
Resource & Information Coordinator
Head of Resource Centre
Head of Library
Head of Curriculum Library and Information Services
Director of Library Learning
Library Services Leader
Information Services Manager
Teacher Librarian
Senior Teacher Librarian
Learning Resource Centre Coordinator
Lead teacher, Library & Information services
Head of Information Services
Head of Learning Resource Centre (P-12)

I think I'm going to end up with Head of Information Services or Head of
Library Services. It fits better with other POL's who are all either
Directors, Heads or Coordinators, Directors are part of the college
executive so I can't quite claim that at this stage.
I will add Teacher Librarian to my email signature as also suggested.

Thanks again everyone, it's always interesting to take a fresh look at
things we take for granted most of the time.
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