[OZTL_NET] Most recent data on Library impact on learning

Rebecca Landy Rebecca.Landy at pvcc.vic.edu.au
Wed Dec 7 14:01:03 AEDT 2016

Hello dear colleagues,
We've had our hours reduced by a ΒΌ for 2017 after a reduction last year as well. A junior leader stated: "Other schools are shutting down their libraries". The situation is worse than we feared, and our efforts at self-promotion and obsession with educational outcomes have not worked well enough.
Can anyone point us towards the most recent data on the effectiveness of Libraries and Teacher Librarians? We want to have another go at showing that they need us for more than loaning iPads to CRTs.
Sorry for the tone: I'm feeling a little jaded at the news I won't be replaced when on maternity leave.

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