[OZTL_NET] Feedback on Skype Author Visits

Tom Danby tdanby at intbooks.com.au
Thu Dec 8 12:19:50 AEDT 2016

Dear OzTL-Netters

I recently went to the launch of StoneClap ( stoneclap.com ) which is an app to allow virtual musical performances.

The Australian developers have rewritten the audio part, so while you get Skype like video - computer to computer - the audio is CD quality. I "attended" a performance of a Romanian rock duo playing to a live audience in the Melbourne Docklands Library.

Talking to them after, I asked about conference calls, and they claim that unlike Skype, when you have multiple speakers at each location, you get the high quality audio and not the fuzzy mess that Skype can end up being.

So, can I have some feedback on the success or otherwise of school Skype author visits?

I know it works well if the author is reading or lecturing - one to many. 
But have experienced very poor visits when the kids are trying to engage with the author, 
or if the presentation involves activities and the noise level starts to rise.

If their claim is valid, this new technology could open up both author visits, and teaching experiences and master classes, etc.

Aren't people clever???


Tom Danby

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