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The Night Santa Got Lost: How NORAD Saved Christmas

Michael Keane

Michael Garland

Regency Kids, 2015

40pp., hbk.



On a day long ago began NORAD's tradition-

Tracking Santa's red sleigh on his once-a-year mission.

Using radar and satellites - fighter jets too!

Reporting on Santa, wherever he flew.

But one Christmas Eve a blizzard rolls in and so Santa leaves the North Pole
early much to the dismay of NORAD who weren't prepared for the unscheduled
start.  And as the green blip disappears off the radar screen and there is
no sign of Santa or his reindeer, panic ensues.  A  four star general and
the Commander-in-Chief order the fighter jets into the air and every last
piece of technology the US Air Force has is set to searching for Santa.

Eventually he is found buried deep in a snow drift but now it is too late to
get all the presents to the children in the traditional way of reindeer and
sleigh, so once again the bigwigs put their heads together and come up with
a most audacious plan that involves NATO and other US allies, battleships,
cruisers, submarines, helicopters, C-17s, trucks and tanks and every other
sort of transport available to the military. And for those places where "The
children love Santa, but the leaders say no", there are Special Ops, Navy
SEALS and tough Army Rangers.

Will their mission succeed?  Will they get to all the children of the world
in time?

Dedicated to the children whose parents "allow us to live in a world where
we have the freedom to believe in Santa Claus" this is a very different
story for Christmas, one that acknowledges those who serve by showing them
in a less-that-traditional setting.  NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence
Command) is a joint United States and Canadian military organisation and for
over 60 years it has tracked Santa's flight each December 24. Children can
watch where he is by going to the website
<http://www.noradsanta.org/overlay/tracking/map/index.html>   or downloading
an app so they know when they have to get into bed after their tour of the
local Christmas lights as more than 1500 people trace his every movement
through 47 radar installations in Northern Canada and Alaska, alerting them
to when Santa actually leaves the North Pole, and satellites at about 22,000
miles above the Earth with infrared sensors, which see the heat coming off
of Rudolph's nose. In addition, there  high-speed digital SantaCams set up
around the world to catch a glimpse of him passing by the different cities.

Written in the vein of  The Night Before Christmas this is one that even
older children will enjoy.  While predominantly American  and with several
pages of explanations at the end, nevertheless it will resonate particularly
with children whose family members are in the services.




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