[OZTL_NET] Newspaper subscriptions for 2017 - print copies

Fabian Amuso fabian.amuso at syd.catholic.edu.au
Mon Dec 19 14:34:18 AEDT 2016

Hi Linda,

At my school this term, we explored the idea of taking a print subscription
but the claim has been that students wont touch the papers and in schools,
they generally wont touch them even though they are useful for learning.

I've even tried to push for at least a digital subscription, but that has
been deferred for the time being. The school executive though have been
interested in trying to provide a suitable newspaper subscription and want
to put their two cents in which is a positive thing.

Libraries I feel should provide newspapers as a standard service but its a
matter of promoting them to colleagues and and students and incorporating

In the United States, I am aware of the Newspapers in Education Scheme
provided by major newspapers <http://nieonline.com/chicago/index.cfm> where
they provide heavily discounted or free subscriptions to schools along with
teaching resources. I would like to see it here.

As for papers, *The Australian* tends to win on the quality stakes, but
both the SMH and Tele have their shortcomings as both are aligned to either of
the spectrum (left or right) and have become more extreme.



*Fabian AmusoBTeach/BA ACU, MEd(TeachLib) CSU*
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> Hi all
> Sorry to drag this up again, but I would like to know what school
> libraries are doing in 2017 for print versions of newspapers. Has anyone
> worked out the best way to get access to SMH or the Australian?
> We dropped our multiple subscriptions a few years ago, but I have had a
> request to investigate this again for 2017. I welcome your comments and
> suggestions, based on your plans or recent investigations.
> Thank you
> Linda Weeks
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