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What is the purpose of sorting the collection in this way?  If it is to make it more accessible to users, then Mr Dewey has already done this!!!  He's just used numbers instead of words for greater definition because words were not enough as you have discovered but there is no reason you can't do both.  Make a sign for cookbooks over your recipe collection; or animals over the 590s or whatever subjects you are grouping together.  Non fiction is, of itself, a genre along with fiction, prose, poetry and drama.  https://literarydevices.net/genre/

There has been another interesting discussion on LM_NET about this fad and people are repeatedly saying how difficult they find it to find things in a bookstore because classifications are so subjective. So if adults find it difficult, how will students do better?

Many teacher librarians who are moving into libraries where this has been done but the initiator has moved on are having to spend many hours and $$$ undoing it because they, themselves, cannot sort it out and documentation is incomplete or unclear.

Again, I point people to the questions that should be asked and answered when considering these sorts of changes.  http://500hats.edublogs.org/questioning-change-2/


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