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Have you read Web Literacy 2.0? 

The paper represents the thinking, research findings, and next iteration 
of the Web Literacy Map (designed by Mozilla) that embraces 21st Century 
Skills (21C Skills).

Knowing how to read, write, and participate in the digital world has 
become the 4th basic foundational skill next to the three Rs—reading, 
writing, and arithmetic. The paper expands on these skills in the 
context of these 21C Skills - Problem-solving, Collaboration, 
Creativity, Communications. 

A great read.

Karen Bonanno

Upcoming webinars

[Note: As we are in Daylight Saving Time in Australia, please check the 
time of the webinar for your time zone.]

FREE webinar:
"Cosmos Lessons with STILE: Re-thinking the Science Textbook" with Dave 
Canavan (Wednesday 8 March, 8.00 pm AEDT)

Cosmos Lessons: Digital lessons based on current science news. A fully 
curriculum aligned, Australian based digital resource which brings 
science to life with a foundation from the award-winning Cosmos 
Magazine. The perfect tool for classroom teaching, homework and flip 
learning, Stile and the Cosmos Lessons will revolutionise science 
teaching and learning.
Attendees will be able to explore the superb content with a view as to 
how to use Cosmos Lessons at their school. They will then be able to run 
a trial with their class or department with consultation and guidance 
from the Stile team.

You can register for this webinar at <http://eduwebinar.com.au/webinars>

"Planning your Coding Implementation" with Lisa Nash, Librarian, CEO 
Parramatta (Wednesday 15 March, 8.00 pm AEDT)
This webinar will share practical ideas to getting started with coding 
in your school. A primary and secondary focus will be explored during 
this webinar.
We will explore the components of planning a successful coding 
implementation in your school. You will identify a continuum of useful 
control technologies and digital resources to support computational 
thinking activities as well as resources to support teacher learning in 
this area.

You can register for this webinar at <http://eduwebinar.com.au/webinars>

"Research for Reflective Practice" with Dr Jennie Bales, Adjunct 
Lecturer, Charles Sturt University (Wednesday 22 March, 8.00 pm AEDT)
Research informs your profession and your practice.
This webinar introduces the concept of research from a practitioner’s 
perspective and aims to inspire participants to implement their own 
research project within their field of professional practice.
Becoming a more reflective and responsive educator is an integral part 
of highly accomplished teaching practice. Undertaking your own research 
project to evaluate programs and initiatives and inform decision-making 
provides a stimulating and valuable focus for a personal professional 
learning pathway. This presentation will introduce you to research 
processes and scaffold some of the key components that will help you 
design, implement and apply a straightforward and manageable research 
project in the school or library environment.
You can register for this webinar at <http://eduwebinar.com.au/webinars>

Other upcoming webinars by title:
Library Learning Spaces Design Replay with Anne Whisken (Monday 13 
Where to Get Started with Global Project Replay with Anne Mirtschin 
(Monday 24 April)
STEM or STEAM - Setting the Scene for Learning with June Wall (Wednesday 
26 April)
Digital Literacy, Skills Development & Curriculum Connections with Anne 
Mirtschin (Wednesday 17 May)

If you know a colleague who would be interested in any of the above 
webinars, please feel free to forward on the email message. 

Karen Bonanno | National Director, Eduwebinar Pty Ltd | 
PO Box 786, North Lakes QLD 4509

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