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The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart: Stephanie Burgis. Illustrated by Freya


March 2017

ISBN 9781408880319

RRP $14.99

It’s often not easy being the youngest in the family particularly when your
older siblings are considered by all to be brilliant and talented. Arguably
it’s even harder to be the baby of a dragon family without the hardened
scales or working wings that would allow you to venture outside the family
mountain cave.

Aventurine is not the most compliant of youngsters though and one day when
she is really fed up with what she sees as the over-protective care of her
mum and grandfather as well as the annoying superiority of her older
brother, she takes it upon herself to squeeze through her usual spy hole in
the mountainside and escape.

Emerging from her rocky nest with scratched and damaged wings and feet she
begins to doubt the wisdom of her rebelliousness but presses on regardless.
She soon realises it is not so easy to catch your own food or even know
where you are and when she comes across a young man brewing chocolate she
thinks she has finally found an easy target. Taking each other by surprise
the youth offers her chocolate instead of him and Aventurine is immediately
smitten by the overwhelming deliciousness of the concoction and, too late,
realises that she has been tricked. Drinking the hot chocolate of a food
mage she is transformed into a human girl and now finds herself even more
helpless and inexperienced.

With an undaunted fiery heart, as per her family’s heritage, Aventurine
undertakes the most amazing adventure of her life and winds up in the big
city where despite all obstacles she becomes an apprentice chocolatier.

Overcoming tremendous twists and turns of fate, Aventurine finds herself
with a second ‘family’ and her true passion – making chocolate. Naturally,
her dragon family are not going to take the disappearance of their youngest
hatchling easily and the climax of the tale sees a showdown between
suspicious and ignorant townsfolk and the might of the dragons. Of course,
this mighty girl reveals her true nature by saving the day – and her new

This is such an original story. It was an absolute pleasure to read and
Aventurine is not the only strong female character to bring the adventure
to life which makes it all the more appealing. Feisty females,
enchantments, nasty villains, yummy chocolate, friendship, loyalty and love
– this book has it all.

This will be getting a hugely positive book talk for the girls in my

Highly recommended for readers from around 9 years upwards.
Sue Warren
Qld T-L

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