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Hello Rainbow

Rhonda Brown

Trevor Salter

Oombee Woombee Books 2016

32pp., pbk., RRP $A14.99



Blue yellow

Yellow blue

Mix the two in a blue-yellow brew...


Green goose

Green mouse

Green juice

Green house

Written for preschoolers, this is a fun book full of bright colours, catchy
rhymes and whimsical illustrations that helps to teach our young readers the
names of the colours they see in their world and how they are made.  

Children show preferences for particular colours from a very early age.
Since she could say the word, Miss Nearly 6 has had a very strong preference
for blue - provided it was blue she would have it, even broccoli if we could
work out a way to dye it!  So to have the primary and secondary colours
presented in such a bold way is sure to catch the eye and promise fun
because who can resist an octopus, a paint brush in each of his eight arms
splashing colour everywhere?

As well as the nonsense rhymes appealing to the ear in a familiar rhythm and
the splashes of colour, the illustrations themselves invite exploration and
interpretation encouraging the child to engage with the text.  Can you find
the purple socks? What do you think the blue bee is saying? Will that
relaxed green mouse be safe from the large red cat looming over the house?
And why is the red cow looking so angry? Children can then be encouraged to
seek similar colours in their own environment, look at shades and tones,
perhaps even build their own colour book called As red /yellow/green
as...using pictures and captions.

There is also scope for practical experimenting using food colouring, dyes
or paint so the child can discover for themselves what happens if we mix
this with that, laying the foundations for some early science and building
the concepts about things changing. Even though its primary audience is the
very young, it also has scope for Kindy kids formally investigating colour
and change as well as those a little older who are discovering the
properties of light and rainbows.  Why are the colours of the rainbow always
the same and in the same order?

There is a myriad of ideas that this book could be the springboard for;
ideas, investigations and experiments as rich as the colours themselves
helping our young readers understand that not only do we get information
from books but books can lead us on new adventures.


Barbara Braxton

Teacher Librarian

M.Ed.(TL), M.App.Sci.(TL), M.I.S. (Children's Services) 

Dromkeen Librarian's Award 2003



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